Unexpected Entrepreneurship“Crazy!” I heard that a lot when I turned in my resignation at work. To be fair I had a great job in a wonderful office. Nice co-workers. Good pay. It’s what people work toward for most of their careers. I understood their criticism.

A little backstory

While we were engaged, my husband and I were in a long-distance relationship. When I moved to his town after the wedding, I felt pretty directionless. The town was completely foreign to me and I had no friends. I was glad to be married, but now what? I was incredibly fortunate to land a fantastic job. But after almost three years, and having settled in to my new life, I found my desires were changing.

Day Dreams and Day Jobs

My husband has a side business in addition to his day job. I found myself alone pretty often and didn’t like it. So my husband encouraged me to start my own side business. Admittedly, I dreamed of owning an event planning business since I was 18. There was nothing stopping me, except fear.

Anyway, I did start my side business. It was fun.  Eventually, I decided to take on interns and discovered that I LOVE teaching the tools of the trade.

The Shift

Things were good. Quality job. Great husband. Side hustle. What could go wrong?

Age 30 was pretty brutal on me. I had to have an unexpected/emergency surgery… Which got me thinking. Then I found out I was expecting, only to lose the pregnancy a day or two later… Which also got me thinking. What did I really want out of my life? I could stay and retire from a great job. It would be good. Really good — certainly nothing wrong with that! But I wanted to be a mom, a wife, involved in my community, available for my interns, and able to expand my business. I wanted the sort of life I dreamed of when I was younger. After feeling directionless for most of my life, I finally knew exactly what I wanted.

I talked to my husband about my “‘crazy” dream, and he supported me 100%. He worked out a budget to enable me to stay home and grow my business(es) while we work on starting a family.

The Doubt

As happy and confident I was in the decision I made, I heard the words “crazy” and “foolish” a lot. A LOT. Was I making the biggest mistake of my life?

The Reassurance

I was concerned it would be a difficult transition, but I stayed busy with bookings all summer. I  loved it! The flexibility was amazing. But still, all those voices saying, “crazy!” lingered in the back of my mind. Then, I got some reassurance in the unlikeliest of places.

The day after my 31st birthday, I got a text from my first intern. She’d just graduated from OSU a few months ago and she had some great news: she had her first client! I was so excited. She said  the information we covered had already helped her. A confident feeling flooded me. I knew I was on the right track.

To make my joy complete, I had a second boost that same week. A few short days after that text, I ran in to my former employer. He asked how it was going and if I missed the office. Then he said the best thing I could ever hear, “I don’t have to ask. I can see all over your face how happy you are.” He was right. I am happy.

Have you ever had an experience like that? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.




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