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Month: September 2016

Off Season for a Wedding Coordinator

What Off Season Looks Like for a Wedding Coordinator“What do you do during off season?” As a wedding coordinator, I get that question a lot. It’s no secret that around the holidays couples are more likely to get engaged than married — so what do I do during that slow time?

Create Content

During the mad rush of wedding season, I feel like there’s hardly any time to breathe let alone produce quality wedding posts for my blog. The slow season is the perfect time to start writing a few moths’ worth of posts to be released during those crazy busy spring and summer months.

Producer Mode

Blog posts by themselves are wonderful, but I want to start curating videos to go along with those posts. So, now it’s time to go in to producer mode. Lining up guests, finding shooting locations, buying any props or materials. It’s a new challenge, and I love it!

Improve Processes

Entrepreneurs should always strive toward better systems and processes. It’s not always easy looking at your work with a critical eye, but it’s important to continually provide a better experience for your clients. Now’s the time to improve my website, contracts, customer forms, etc.

Networking and Events

Wedding and bridal fairs usually start toward the end of January. The slow season is a great time to start prepping for bridal shows and reconnecting with your network.

Try New Things

I’m so blessed to love what I do. BUT I love more than just coordinating weddings. Sometimes I wish I had 100 lifetimes just so I could try all the things I want to. Anyway, having a slower time of the year allows me to work on my other businesses, read, travel, and try new things. It’s a real win-win situation.

Do you own a business that has a slower time of year? What do you do? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


Photos from the Panhandle

I’m mildly obsessed with taking pictures when my husband and I head to the Oklahoma Panhandle to visit his family. We did some back road exploring and got some beautiful shots. It was a true blue adventure, complete with snakes and ankle deep mud. It’s always fun to visit with family, but when you add some off-roading to the mix, it’s even better!





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