ftdysgygYou know that time when you decided to start three blogs, run a wedding planning business, and curate an online course? Wait. You didn’t do that? Oh, it’s because you’re not a masochist.

Yeah. I, on the other hand, decided it would be a great to take on all those things at once. I don’t recommend it. I’m technically living my dream… but some days I have to remind myself that it was a good idea to pursue my goals. Which brings me to the point of this post.

What They Aren’t Showing You

If you’ve been on Social Media for about 5 seconds or so, I’m sure you’ve seen the posts about how people have started a million dollar business in 30 days or less in 17 easy steps. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but you know the posts I’m talking about.

Those women (and men) look like they have it all together. After all, their entire life is completely Pinworthy and just screams for a double tap on Instagram. It’s easy to start playing the comparison game, even when we know they must have bad days too.

Of course, since I’m a modern female entrepreneur, I’ve taken (or am in the middle of) all sorts of social media courses. What I didn’t realize is just how long it would take to get that one perfect Instagram shot. I have one. Literally one. The lighting was perfect, the backdrop was amazing, and the flowers were on point. The funny thing about that shot is what no one could see in the background. The kitchen was a mess. I had shoe boxes holding up the flowers. Oh, and it took approximately 30 tries to get that one impeccable image.

I’m sitting here looking at my ever-expanding to-do list. My perfectly plotted blog posts, course outlines, and social media strategies, which I didn’t get around to completing this week, are staring back at me. I’d be tempted to call this a failure, but thankfully I’ve learned what they aren’t showing you on Social Media. Sometimes it’s in the middle of our biggest messes that we get the perfect shot.

So here’s to you! To all the people pursuing their passions on the days they feel like giving up, may you get the perfect shot… Even if it’s messier than you imagined.


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