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Been struggling with your blog? Running out of things to write? Page views almost non-existent? Been there! I spent the first year or so of blogging completely frustrated. Recently, I’ve made a few changes that have increased my daily site traffic by 500%. My only regret is not doing them sooner!

Narrow Your Focus

Niche up. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. I was skeptical at first, too. Surely writing for a broader audience will get more page views, right? No. At least it didn’t for me. I was trying to be everything for everyone and failing miserably at it. Once I narrowed in on being a work-at-home entrepreneur and wife, it started resonating with people. I even went so far as changing the name of my blog to more accurately reflect my new direction.

Delete Irrelevant Posts

After landing on my new, narrower focus, it was time to nix off-topic posts. They just didn’t fit with the new format of my site. It pained me a bit at first. A year’s worth of blogging down the drain. Then I realized I was looking at it all wrong. I had an opportunity for a fresh start! Suddenly, the “blank canvas” was thrilling. I got my passion back.

Share Your Passion

Speaking of passion, I discovered quickly that it was much easier writing about what I’m passionate about. Before re-branding I was constantly scratching and clawing to find new ideas and eek out blog posts. It was awful! Now I can hardly write down my ideas fast enough.

Track Analytics

Analytics. Personally, it feels like a very cold and impersonal word. I guess that’s why I ignored them for so long. When I finally decided to take a look at what was being shared or pinned the most often, I was surprised. The posts I thought would be hits weren’t, and vice versa. Now I can share more of what my audience wants.

High-Quality Images

While content is king, including engaging imagery is also a must. Not going to lie, the photography on my old posts was abysmal. As embarrassing as those pictures were, they taught me an important lesson: use high-quality images. If you’re in the same boat try Pixabay or Stocksy.

Post Regularly

This is an obvious one, but I failed at it for the longest time. That goes for blog posts and social media. I knew less than nothing about blogging or social media before I started my wedding planning business. I had to start a website for my business so I thought I’d start a personal blog too. It was crazy! I got pretty overwhelmed and would go for long stints without blogging or posting to social media. I even deleted my blog’s Facebook page (which wasn’t one of my finest moments).

Years ago, I received a piece of advice that stuck with me, “If you’re going to do something, do it.” That thought popped back in my head recently. So… now that I’ve committed to blogging and “doing” social media, I’m actually doing it. I’m posting more regularly and getting results. Funny how the simplest things work sometimes, eh?

While it did take some time to implement these changes, none of them were difficult. I’m looking forward to making even more improvements over the coming months!

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