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It’s National Wedding Planning Day! To celebrate, I spent a relaxing morning flipping through my favorite bridal magazine and sipping some hot tea. It was glorious. I absolutely love what I do!

While perusing the magazine, I couldn’t help reflecting on my wedding planning entrepreneurial journey.

The first 3.5 Years

I can hardly believe it’s been 3.5 years since I started my wedding planning business! This summer will be my fourth serving the brides and grooms in my community. The best part? This year, I have an entire team by my side. Between my lovely new wedding consultant and my amazing interns,  we’re going to pull together some gorgeous weddings!

The Interns

Speaking of interns, taking on interns has radically changed the trajectory of my life. My journey toward creating online courses started with my very first intern. I wanted to teach her everything about starting her own wedding planning business when she graduated from college, but I didn’t have a curriculum in place.

I started making notes so I could have an organized, cohesive program to put my interns through. Thus, “How to Start a Wedding Planning Business” was born.

The Wedding Consultant

In addition to my interns, I now have a staff member. She’s amazing! Her strengths perfectly complement mine. I love logistics, but design isn’t my strong point. She has such an eye for aesthetics. I can’t wait to dive into wedding season with her on board.

The Office

Staffing hasn’t been the only change this past year. I also have an office space downtown now. A few other vendors already had a space and invited me to join them. I love it!

National Wedding Planning Day Celebration

The Connections

But the absolute best part about being a wedding planner is the connections. My clients have been so lovely and such a joy to work with. It’s also been fantastic getting to know my fellow wedding vendors and other small business owners in the process. So many beautiful humans. I’m truly blessed.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their National Wedding Planning Day as much as I did! And for the brides and grooms out there, don’t forget to #enjoythejourney.

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