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Learn how to become a wedding planner

It’s finally here!

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business just launched.

For those of you who don’t know my story, from the time I was 18 years old, I wanted to start a wedding planning business. Events and the bridal industry were a part of my life on and off for the next ten years. Finally, a few months after I got married, I decided to start my own wedding business.

It took months of research for me to finally feel confident enough to set up my LLC, set up my website, and start marketing my services. About a year later, while I was still working my full-time job, I started taking on interns. It was the best decision I ever made.

My interns were/are all college students who hope to either start their own wedding planning businesses, or work in the bridal industry, after they graduate. So, I made it my mission to truly prepare them to start their own businesses when they moved home. I started writing down thoughts, tips and tricks I’d picked up over the years.

Quickly, I discovered I absolutely loved teaching my interns about wedding planning!

The Course

I’ve spent the last year putting together an online course. Now I can share the information I teach my interns with everyone!

Unit 1 focuses specifically on starting a small business. We cover topics like choosing a business name and payment processing options. Then we discuss how to market your new business.

Unit 2 covers the elements of wedding planning, and other important items like creating packages, setting pricing, and contracts.

There are over forty lessons! Each lesson includes a video and downloadable notes. Some lessons also include worksheets, forms, or other printables. I tried to pack in as much practical and easy-to-follow advice as I could. I’ll also be sharing even more tips and tricks in the Facebook community for the course

Promo Code

Who doesn’t like to save a little money? To celebrate the course launch, the first 15 students will get the course for just $299. That’s a $48 savings! To take advantage of this offer visit this page, select the “single payment” option, and use Promo Code: FALLINLOVE

7 Essentials for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding day. To help ensure that happens wedding planners, like myself, bring wedding day emergency kits. While I pack dozens of “just-in-case” items, I have seven absolute essentials I recommend to everyone making their own kit.

Safety Pins

From fixing wardrobe malfunctions to pinning together backdrops, safety pins have you covered. I recommend keeping a variety of sizes on hand.


I usually keep two or three pairs of scissors in my wedding day kit. From cutting flowers and fabric for centerpieces, or snipping spare threads on bridesmaid dresses, scissors always come in handy.

Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs

Kleenex Go Anywhere with Wedding Dress

Kleenex are a truly indispensable part of my wedding day emergency kit. There are so many uses for tissues at weddings like drying happy tears, makeup touch ups,  blotting perspiration, drying small spills, and helping with allergies at outdoor weddings.

The Go Anywhere pack is flexible, yet durable enough to fit into my kit, or with the convenient clip on strap, I can attach it to my purse.

I buy mine at Walmart and, as always, use my Ibotta app. To get yours follow this link  to save $.50 on your Kleenex Go Anywhere pack.

Adhesive Bandages

Wedding days aren’t immune to nicks and cuts. Not to mention blisters from formal shoes. I keep a small first-aid kit in my go-bag with lots of extra bandages.


I keep both brown and black twine in my kit, and I can’t count how many ways I’ve used them. One of my favorite usages was a last-minute wrapping for a make-shift toss bouquet.


Pens and felt tip markers are always useful. From time-to-time, even the most organized and prepared of couples forget their guest book pens or markers. Plus I always keep a pen on me for signing invoices and for the couple to sign the marriage license.

Shipping Tape

Most venues have rules forbidding the use of nails or any permanent means of adhering decorations to their walls or tables. Clear shipping tape usually does the trick for light jobs. It’s also useful for picking up bits of debris that may have fallen on the table linens during decoration.

Have fun assembling your wedding day kit, and most of all, enjoy the wedding. Happy planning!

Wedding Planning Course

Online Wedding Planning Course

Have you considered starting your own wedding planning business, but aren’t sure where to get started? You’re in the right place!

I’m incredibly excited to announce the upcoming launch of my latest e-course “Starting a Wedding Planning Business.” In it, I share the exact steps I used to start my budding bridal business. In just one year, I went from working full time and planning weddings on the side to being able to quit my 8 to 5 and run my business from home!

About the Course

There are two main units. The first unit is all about starting a small business. From choosing a legal structure to building a website, I’ve got you covered. Plus, I have lessons about branding, marketing, and blogging just to sweeten the deal.

The second unit is all about wedding planning specifically. I share the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Every lesson is packed with really practical and actionable advice.

How it all Started

The course originally started as training material for my college interns. I wanted to truly equip and prepare them to go out and start their own businesses after graduation. Soon I realized I could only help a few people per semester this way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my one-on-one training sessions with my interns, but I wanted to be able to help even more people!

Since I’d already taken the time to outline what students needed to know to get going, it only made sense to flesh out the material and create an online course. That way anyone could have access to the information. While it has taken several months to pull together, the launch date is just around the corner!

Because I’m so incredibly passionate about entrepreneurship and making education attainable, I’ve kept the cost low. Really low. Just $347! Yes. Just $347. Awesome, right?!

To stay up to date on the course launch, or to learn more about upcoming courses, sign up for our newsletter.

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