gpffdcI love hearing stories from fellow entrepreneurs! Stories of how they got started and what inspired them. When I met Traci Woolman on a trip to Boise City, I just knew I had to share her story. In her own words, below is a bit about her family’s journey to starting their business, Grooovy Poo.

Traci’s Story

Living in the remote Panhandle of Oklahoma, the economy isn’t exactly booming. There really aren’t a whole lot of new opportunities here to establish yourself and support a family. If you weren’t born in to a family who has already established themselves by acquiring a ranch or farmland, a person has to start “thinking outside the box.”

Wes, my husband, is always looking for a new venture. He enjoys the challenges and excitement of something new. He started investigating the advantages and processes that are involved in composting dairy manure.

One of the benefits is increased microbial activity. After much research, he decided that he could help the local farmers by offering them a quality compost that would benefit them and their soil for years to come.

After purchasing the proper equipment and establishing an agreement with our local dairy, the process began! Wes, along with our son, nephew, and a friend would spend many hours cleaning pens, “rowing” manure, watering, and turning it. They would continue to water and turn it several times, baking out the unwanted weed seeds and pathogens that are prevalent in raw manure.

After the final turning of the compost, they would then haul the finished product to farmer’s fields and spread it on their soil to be worked in. When the lab reports came back from the soil analysis, the farmers were always pleased that the report stated that their soil needed very little nutrients! Not to mention that we weren’t bringing additional weeds into their fields!

As in most small towns, word got around to the local gardeners about the compost; soon there were several who were wanting some. So we decided that bagging it would be an efficient way for people to purchase it. Thus, Grooovy Poo evolved!

We started shopping around and purchasing other company’s bagged compost to check out their prices, quality, and standards. We soon found out “composting” means many different things to many different people! Some stunk, some had chunks of stuff, and one bag I opened had rocks in it. No wonder they could sell theirs for $2.00 a bag!

We quickly found out that our compost wasn’t anything like “the others.” Grooovy Poo is a dark, rich, earthy smelling soil. (In fact, our kids have ended up taking their trucks and trailer on the pile of compost, playing in it like it was dirt!)

Grooovy Poo LogoWhen we started designing the bag, we knew we wanted something fun and whimsical with lots of color. Nothing boring! So the background of the bag is black with the head of a cartoon-type dairy cow surrounded by several of the things you would use the compost for such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc.

Currently, we only have the one product, but are considering different possible avenues at a later time.

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