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Is Wedding Planning Right for You?

I like to think of wedding planning as more of a calling than a job or a business. While most people could execute a “to-do” list, it takes a special kind of person to be calm and caring enough to excel as a wedding planner.

Are you creative?

From designing decor to finding innovative solutions to wedding-day problems, wedding planners have to be creative. You have to be able to think on your feet or look at a room and see numerous layout options. Beyond that, you also have to be able to articulate your creative vision.

Do you handle pressure well?

Everything may be smooth sailing until the wedding weekend, but once the big day rolls around, there are A LOT of moving pieces. You’ll be answering numerous questions and directing dozens of people.  A great wedding planner has to exude grace under pressure.

Do you love people?

I mean do you genuinely, honestly love people? A person’s wedding is a one-of-a-kind experience. They’re entrusting with something precious. While this may be another day at work for you, for them it’s the biggest day of their life. Do you love people enough to respect and honor what they’re trusting you with?

Does organization make you happy?

Bringing order to chaos, or better yet, preventing chaos is the name of the game for wedding planners. From coordinating family, vendor, and bridal party schedules on the wedding day, to plotting out table numbers and escort cards, there’s a lot of organizing to do. If checklists, labels, and timelines energize you, wedding planning might be a great fit!

Are you persistent?

There are a lot of questions to ask and details to be worked out. Some clients can be indecisive, some vendors can be difficult to reach.  A solid wedding planner has to be persistent until each item on their to-do list addressed.

If all that sounds amazing to you, then you’re likely a wedding planner at heart.




Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Hire a wedding planner

Whether you’re a bride on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, or you’re an aspiring wedding planner, but you’re not sure why someone would hire you, here are five reasons why wedding planners are so valuable.

Someone needs to be Switzerland

Weddings have a unique way of bringing out strong emotions in people. From family and bridal party member to the occasional vendor. Having an objective third party there to navigate possible sticky situations that may arise is invaluable. Diplomacy and tact is the name of the game for wedding planners and they will always be in your corner helping you through the planning process.

There needs to be a “Plan B” (and C, and D….)

No matter how perfect the planning process was, the wedding day is a whole different ball game. Emergencies happen. From no-show vendors and inclement weather to drunk uncles dancing on tables, there’s a lot that can go wrong on a wedding day. Having a seasoned professional there who can spring into action could mean the difference between disaster and dream day.

Couples should be celebrating, not stressing

My team’s mantra is that “we help couples plan beautiful, stress-free weddings.” From the bottom of our hearts, we truly believe that every couple, their family, their bridal party, and their friends should be free to celebrate! None of them need to be stressing over escort cards and delivery times. Each couple’s wedding day is a one-of-a-kind experience and they should be soaking it in and having fun!

Mom deserves to be mom

A significant portion of our clients hire us specifically so their mothers can relax on the wedding day. Moms (and/or Dads) often have their hands full with out-of-town family or hostessing (hosting) duties. The last thing they need is the pressure of being the de facto wedding day coordinator. She should be free to be mom and celebrate her baby’s beautiful union.

Preferred Vendor Discounts

“Weddings are super cheap.” Said no one ever. A well-connected wedding planner can usually save you money by passing along savings from their preferred vendors. With all the money they can save you, they practically pay for themselves

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Celebrating National Wedding Planning Day

Brides of OK

It’s National Wedding Planning Day! To celebrate, I spent a relaxing morning flipping through my favorite bridal magazine and sipping some hot tea. It was glorious. I absolutely love what I do!

While perusing the magazine, I couldn’t help reflecting on my wedding planning entrepreneurial journey.

The first 3.5 Years

I can hardly believe it’s been 3.5 years since I started my wedding planning business! This summer will be my fourth serving the brides and grooms in my community. The best part? This year, I have an entire team by my side. Between my lovely new wedding consultant and my amazing interns,  we’re going to pull together some gorgeous weddings!

The Interns

Speaking of interns, taking on interns has radically changed the trajectory of my life. My journey toward creating online courses started with my very first intern. I wanted to teach her everything about starting her own wedding planning business when she graduated from college, but I didn’t have a curriculum in place.

I started making notes so I could have an organized, cohesive program to put my interns through. Thus, “How to Start a Wedding Planning Business” was born.

The Wedding Consultant

In addition to my interns, I now have a staff member. She’s amazing! Her strengths perfectly complement mine. I love logistics, but design isn’t my strong point. She has such an eye for aesthetics. I can’t wait to dive into wedding season with her on board.

The Office

Staffing hasn’t been the only change this past year. I also have an office space downtown now. A few other vendors already had a space and invited me to join them. I love it!

National Wedding Planning Day Celebration

The Connections

But the absolute best part about being a wedding planner is the connections. My clients have been so lovely and such a joy to work with. It’s also been fantastic getting to know my fellow wedding vendors and other small business owners in the process. So many beautiful humans. I’m truly blessed.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their National Wedding Planning Day as much as I did! And for the brides and grooms out there, don’t forget to #enjoythejourney.

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